ServiceBridge Newsletter - August 9th



Latest ServiceBridge Enhancements

This week's ServiceBridge release introduces a number of enhancements: 
  • Timesheets Reporting Improvements: The newest ServiceBridge release introduces enhanced timesheets reporting. Administrators have the ability to run reports on timesheets by day, week, month, or a date range. In addition, timesheets reports now have the ability to show timesheets by customer. 

  • Recurring Invoice Enhancements: ServiceBridge users can now access recurring invoices within a customer record. 


Blog: Improving the Last Mile


The “last mile” problem has been around since the days of tea ships roaming the seas from India to England. In the shortest, simplest terms: the final link from a hub to the end consumer is disproportionately expensive.

Approximately 28% of the cost of shipment is attributed to the 'last mile' - getting from the local airport to a customer's home - while making up less then 1% of distance traveled.

Field service doesn’t have a traditional ‘last mile’ problem but encounters many of the same challenges: customers spread between locations can drive up costs and reduce efficiency. Per job margins get slashed, harming overall profitability and leading to frustration.

In this week's blog, we explore how the logistics industry has found solutions to reduce the cost and stress of the last mile – and how field service businesses can learn from them to improve their operations.

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