ServiceBridge Newsletter - May 10th


New Feature: Move Equipment 

The latest ServiceBridge release introduces a key new feature: assigning and moving equipment between customers. 
  • Dispatchers can assign a piece of equipment to a job and customer record for use at the work site. 
  • Administrators can see the customer and work order assignment history of a particular piece of equipment. 
  • Dispatchers can easily re-assign equipment between different customers. 

Blog: GPS Tracking - Micromanagement or Accountability?


GPS tracking has become incredibly common in the logistics and field service industries - almost every truck and technician being tracked with in-vehicle devices and smartphones. Of course, this level of tracking brings concerns from business owners and field technicians alike - technicians feeling like their privacy has been eroded, and business owners wanting to not be seen as micromanagers. 

However, there are important benefits to GPS tracking beyond simply seeing an employees location - there are safety, legal, and accountability benefits to team members and business owners alike. 

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Blog: Creating Monthly Recurring Revenue


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a metric that software companies live and die by - a key incidator of their viability and ability to continue producing. However, the concept of Monthly Recurring Revenue isn't widely discussed outside of the software space - even though it's something that can change the game for almost any company. 

In this blog, we look at the importance of monthly recurring revenue for field service companies such as pest control, cleaning companies, and more - why it's important to them, what they can do to increase it, and the impacts it can have on their business. 

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