ServiceBridge Newsletter - April 27th



New Features: Project Cloning 

The latest ServiceBridge release introduces several new features for all clients, including: 
  • Project Cloning: ServiceBridge users now have the ability to duplicate multi-visit projects including all products and services, scheduled dates, teams, and other settings related to the original project. This duplicated project can then be assigned to other customers. 
  • Batch Photo Download: ServiceBridge users can now batch download all images from a work order in the form of a compressed zip file saved to their device.
  • Default Terms: Users now have the ability to set default terms on all invoices globally - Net 10/15/30/60 or Custom. 

Blog: Making Service Calls Profitable


In our experience at the NESPA Pool and Spa Show in Atlantic City, and the Western Pool and Spa show in California; we had the chance to speak with pool service companies large and small. We quickly learned that for many companies, service calls are troublesome - providing narrow profit margins compared to multi-day installation work. 

In the latest ServiceBridge blog, we look at why service calls have such small margins - and what business owners can do to increase profitability from these calls.

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Blog: The Failure of Server-Based Software


There are a multitude of factors when choosing the right software for your business. One of the biggest differences between software vendors is the deployment - cloud-based, or on-premise solutions which require a local server to run. 

At ServiceBridge, we provide cloud-based solutions for businesses large and small, and firmly believe that for most companies; cloud software provides a multitude of benefits over a server-hosted solution. In this blog, we lay out the reasons why most companies should choose a cloud solution, and the pitfalls faced with the use of server-based software.

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