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Integrated Timesheets  

Do you track your team's billable hours? ServiceBridge offers fully integrated timesheets within our application, making it easy for office staff to track their team's hours. ServiceBridge timesheets offer some great benefits including: 
  • Customers can be assigned to a timesheet entry, helping to ensure accurate billing and reporting. 
  • Full reporting on timesheets - managers can utilize ServiceBridge reporting to see full timesheet details by employee
  • Supervisors have full visibility into their team's timesheets, allowing them to review, approve and reject submitted timesheets 
Timesheets are now available for all users on the ServiceBridge platform as an add-on plug-in, starting at $5 per user, per month (discounts for more than 10 users).

To purchase Timesheets, visit the Subscription Management section of Company Settings in your ServiceBridge Account. 

To learn more about Timesheets, visit our Knowledge Base

Blog: Building a Local Presence 


A recent study from Yodle - a leading internet yellow pages website - surveyed over 6,000 consumers about their relationships with local and national businesses. Overall, they found consumers to be more trusting of local businesses, with 96% stating they felt service was more personalized from a local business. 

Whether you're a local business or a branch of a national business, it's critical to earn the trust of the customers in your community. What can national businesses do to win local customers? What can local businesses do to maintain their reputation in the community? Our ServiceBridge blog explores Yodle's study results and ways that your business can win the trust of local consumers. 

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Blog: Creating Tech-Saavy Field Technicians


Summer is around the corner (and in some places, already here). For many field service companies, particularly in landscaping and pool service industries, the summer means 'busy season' - more hiring, more new employees, more work to do. How can you ensure that your team is making the most of your field service management software? 

In this blog, we explore some tips and tricks for creating tech-saavy field technicians who can utilize the full power of your software to keep your business running smoothly. 

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