ServiceBridge Newsletter - June 30th


Timesheets as a Premium Plugin

On August 1st, 2017, ServiceBridge will begin charging for Timesheets at a rate of $5 per user/per month.

If you've yet to try ServiceBridge Timesheets, you still have time to do so. Timesheets will continue to be available free through the end of July, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself before deciding to purchase Timesheets plugin.

Watch the video below to learn more about ServiceBridge Timesheets; or visit the Knowledge Base for information on enabling timesheets for your team
ServiceBridge Timesheets Overview

New Features in ServiceBridge    

The latest release on ServiceBridge includes multiple upgrades and improvements, including: 
  • App Linking + Custom Bookmarks: ServiceBridge now allows users to create hyperlinks to specific views for calendar, work orders, reports, customer details and more. Users can easily create a link to the screens and details they use the most often, and instantly access them from their bookmarks or share the link with their team. 
  • Equipment Management: ServiceBridge users now have the ability to set service intervals and service due dates for equipment, as well as the ability to perform bulk actions on equipment. 
  • Reporting Improvements: ServiceBridge reporting engine now has additional filtering options, as well as summaries for fields when reports are executed. Users can also save the state of groups in reports as either collapsed or not collapsed.

Blog: Shoot for the Moon


Every business owner wants to grow - to become a leader in their market, to have the most talented team and provide the best service. But growing your business can be difficult - there are countless obstacles and frustrations that prevent growth, and cause some companies to never reach full potential. The obstacles to growth increase for franchise networks, who struggle with oversight across their network. 

At ServiceBridge, we've introduced powerful new tools for franchise networks so they can fulfill their potential and reach new heights. Learn about how we're helping leading franchise networks 'shoot for the moon' and conquer challenges as they scale their network.

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