ServiceBridge Newsletter - July 25th



Latest ServiceBridge Upgrades   

This week's ServiceBridge release will introduce a number of feature enhancements: 
  • Required Fields Highlighted: When creating a new record (customer, work order, etc.) in ServiceBridge, required fields are denoted with an asterisk. 


  • E-mail in Audit Log: All email transactions with a customer from ServiceBridge are now stored within the Audit Log, and can be downloaded into Microsoft Outlook. 

  • Past Due Notification: ServiceBridge users now have the option to flag past due customers throughout the application. Past Due notifications appear as red flags seen below. Administrators can modify settings to 'warn' before creating new work orders for past due customers; or suspend the ability to create work orders for past due clients. Learn more here. 

Blog: Data Driven Decisions


The great Michael Jordan once said, "Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork wins championships". Most field service businesses start because of talent and passion - being skilled in a service, and wanting to do things your own way. But for companies to grow, you need a team of talented people - and you need the intelligence to make the right decisions to grow the business. Data, particularly for franchises, is that intelligence

In this week's blog post, we dive into the importance of data - not only the ways that data can be used to not only drive business success but how a lack of quality data and strategic thinking can cause severe consequences for franchise businesses.  

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