Changing Usernames in ServiceBridge

In ServiceBridge, when you initially add a new "Personnel" member and you activate them, you are required to give them a Username.  If you would like to change the Username on file, follow these simple steps.


Changing your Username in ServiceBridge:


1) Log-in to ServiceBridge, and click on the "Gear" icon (top right corner).


2) Select "Company Settings" and then scroll down to the tab "Roles and Permissions".  You can either edit an existing role or you can create a new one.

3) Scroll down to the bottom and find the "Special Permissions" section.  You will see a setting called "Allow Supervision".  Make sure this is turned "ON" for the role that you are configured for.  




**IMPORTANT** Changing this setting will affect ALL users who use that specific role setting.  If you don't want everyone to have "Supervision", you should create a brand new role for yourself.  If you don't know what role you have, go to your "Personnel" record and it will be listed under the "Account Info" tab.


4)  Next, find the "Personnel" member that needs to have their Username changed.  Click on the "Personnel" tab, and then the personnel members name.


5) Scroll down to the "Account Info" tab and select "Edit".  From here, you should have the functionality to fill in a new Username by removing the old Username.




6) Once finished, click on "Confirm".  Next, have the personnel member log-in with their new Username.  When on the log-in screen, they should use their new Username and old password.  If it's correct, it will then prompt them to change their password on file.  



7) If they don't remember their old password, they can select the "Forgot Password" link which will help them retrieve a new password.  




**IMPORTANT** They should use their NEW Username when filling out "Forgot Password" prompt.




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